How to be ‘healthy’?

Over the past few years, it has become apparent that we are bombarded with information regarding all aspects of our health from newspapers, TV and radio, to the internet, twitter, blogging etc.

So much emphasis is placed on how to be ‘healthy’ and so many people seem to have yet another new idea about health that it is almost impossible to know what is real or false, and many people, especially parents can be forgiven for holding their hands up in the air and admitting defeat. The more we read or hear, the more inadequate we can become, and end up doing nothing to improve our health.

For a while, there has been a constant message to eat ‘low fat’ food, and many people buy just such products hoping they will stay healthy, yet it’s fair to say that some diseases such as diabetes are increasing, and as a nation we are getting heavier. This makes no sense when you think about it.

Lately, there is a movement towards bringing back fat into our diets as the scientists are starting to tell us we actually need some of these fats in order to be fully healthy. That’s a completely different message again.

Whilst the scientists, politicians etc make up their minds, it is perhaps time to take some control and look at ways to be healthy that fit into your lifestyle. Some ideas are:

Have a walk round the block after tea. Or, if you are more energetic, why not go on a bike ride.

Perhaps prepare a meal or two from scratch a week. Substitute a piece of fresh fruit instead of a pudding sometimes.

Cut back on fizzy pop, or alcohol – maybe only have it at weekends. The same goes for sweets and biscuits. Don’t buy them if you know you or the kids will eat them there and then. Only get enough for the odd time you feel like something sweet.

It doesn’t mean depriving yourself, it just means having variety in your diet, not eating or drinking too much of anything, adding some exercise into your weekly routine.

Maybe look into taking a multi vitamin and mineral. Also have some quality down time once in a while – read a good book, listen to music if you get pleasure from that.

These are not new ideas, but in the absence of any definitive guidelines, these are things that could be fitted into a busy life without too much stress. Start small, and hopefully it will be easier for you and your kids to maintain and build on.
Unfortunately, there is still no magic pill to keep us in tip top shape, and it requires a little effort if you want to feel the best you can.

Also levels of health will vary depending on what your starting point is. An example of this would be someone who suffers with seasonal hay fever will have a different idea about their health in the Summer time, and may already feel a lot stronger in the Winter months.