Unless you have experienced hay fever, it is hard to imagine the discomfort it can cause.  Hay fever, or allergic rhinitis affects up to one in seven of us.  Symptoms can include itchy runny eyes, prolonged bouts of sneezing, constantly dripping nose, itching of the throat and palate, or any combination of these.
Hay fever is triggered when the body comes into contact with such things as pollens or allergens.  Most conventional treatments include anti-histamines which often work well enough for the short term, but can have the side-effect of drowsiness.

Once the allergic response has begun during the summer months, it is possible to treat the presenting symptoms with acute homeopathic remedies.  Four remedies are listed below, and if possible try and take the appropriate one at the first sign of hay fever.

ALLIUM CEPA – probably the best known acute hay fever remedy.  This remedy helps if you suffer from stinging, watery, light sensitive eyes.  There is a lot of watery, burning, discharge from the nose with a lot of sneezing.  Symptoms are better in the open air and often worse in a closed, warm room.  Sometimes the discharge from the nose can leave sores on the nostrils and upper lip.  If you can’t decide which remedy, this is probably the one to try.

DULCAMARA – this is a good choice for gardeners who develop hay fever whilst mowing the lawn in mid-summer.  There is a profuse, watery discharge from the nose which can sometimes be better for walking around.  Symptoms are worse in open air and better when going indoors into a warm room.  The eyes can sometimes ache and produce a thick, yellow discharge.  Any change in the weather to cold or wet may make the symptoms worse.  Often it feels better to keep your head warm.

GELSEMIUM – This is useful for red, swollen, tired eyes.  The eyes are heavy and droopy.  Often the person looks and feels listless and giddy.  In extreme cases the skin may feel dry and hot.  Small itchy spots may appear.  There is often a lot of sneezing and the nose runs with a watery, acrid discharge.  These symptoms can make the person feel shaky and weak.

A good starting point with trying to control hayfever naturally is to use New Era TIssue Salts for hayfever and allergic rhinitis.  They are available from Holland and Barrett, Boots and even Amazon.

Tissue salts have been around for the last 200 years and are available for a number of ailments.  These 12 basic mineral salts are commonly used around the world and there are are a couple of useful ones to to look at which might be helpful for both parents and children.

Ferrum Phos No. 4 can be taken at the first sign of a cough, cold, sore throat or fever.

Mag Phos No. 8 is useful if you suffer cramp, restless legs, or neuralgia.

Kali Phos No. 6 is a good one to try for nervous problems particularly nervous tension, stress, anxiety and physical exhaustion.

These are worth a look at.  There is lots of information on the Web or from health shops.

Lara Stuart

Lara is an experienced complementary therapist. She obtained a BSc (Hons) in health sciences for complementary medicine and went on to train in reflexology, aromatherapy, reiki, homeopathy and Dr Bach flower remedies.

She is currently working on a Macmillan Unit providing complementary therapies for people who have cancer, and has a private practice in Lancaster. Lara can advise on health issues affecting the whole family.

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Any information given must not replace the advice from your doctor. If you are in any doubt about your symptoms, you must contact your GP.